Not every day

So writing every day didn’t work out for me. At. All. I want to shift my energy toward getting another job. They say you foster what you focus on, so instead of focusing on the ills of Higher Ed, of which there are many, and those many ills are a microcosmic reflection of the greater … More Not every day

Every day.

I may not actually write every day, because I know myself. But this is part of my initiative to write every day from today until April 21. In order to accomplish this, I give myself permission to write short and sweet. I give myself permission to go slightly off topic, even totally off topic as … More Every day.

Zen and adjuncting

A day without immigrants: this article wouldn’t be here, because my grandparents wouldn’t have had my father, and I wouldn’t exist. A day without women: this article wouldn’t be here. My concerns these days are days without humanity. Are we wearing out our welcome on this planet? There was a moment – a long-lasting moment … More Zen and adjuncting

Low-Contact Adjuncting

I know about unhealthy relationships. My parents married in their teens and fought a lot when I was little. After the divorce, my mother had a series of relationships with screaming and fighting, and sometimes physical abuse. The adults were decent enough to keep the physical violence out of sight from my little sister and … More Low-Contact Adjuncting

How to apply for PSLF (or how to lose sleep and maintain dignity if you’re an adjunct professor)

  Hello fellow debt-burdened readers. I assume that you, like me, have student loans. And maybe, like me, you have a reason to believe that you may qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). PSLF is exciting for those of us who take low-paying public service jobs, because with PSLF, our society rewards us by … More How to apply for PSLF (or how to lose sleep and maintain dignity if you’re an adjunct professor)